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DGC Entertainment has over two decades of solid success in the development, and management of proven food, beverage and event hospitality concepts, brands and productions. Our Team specializes in:

  • Concept design and building +

    With over 2 decades of creating proven & successful hospitality brands, DGC Entertainment will work with you to create the most memorable hospitality experience, from initial concept & design, through to material choices, sourcing and construction.
  • Concept re-branding +

    DGC Entertainment can help you refresh and bolster your existing brand. Starting with a full service brand audit of your existing business, we define your core business strengths and weaknesses. Our solutions will lead you to increased revenue while maintaining & enhancing customer brand loyalty.
  • Branding and marketing - development and management +

    Your marketing personality drives your success. Whether it is a business card, small budget guerrilla marketing, a cross platform on-line and social media campaign, menu creative design, or mass media advertising - our specialised team of strategists and designers create successful and memorable communications for your business, maintaining existing customers and engaging potential clientele.
  • Operations management and systems development +

    From A-Z, DGC Entertainment can manage and develop all areas of your hospitality business. Utilizing our proprietary programs, we train and develop your management and staff across all departments ensuring their best performance. Programs include:
    • B.O.H & F.O.H. department training manuals
    • Daily/weekly organizational systems
    • Inventory cost control programs & system management
    • Product usage management
  • Menu, food and beverage engineering +

    Our team of executive chef’s and purchasers work with you to create the most stimulating restaurant experience for your guests. All aspects of your menu offerings are examined to promote an unforgettable experience, and bottom line - increasing your profits.
  • Financial strategy, forecasting, budgeting, monthly internal financial statement management and consultation +

    DGC Entertainment provides industry standard forensic forecasting, comparative analysis with easy-to-follow profit & loss reporting packages and book-keeping services. Working with realistic budgets, we provide you with the tools to determine and map your financial course and keep your profits on target - daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Legal and lease consultation and referrals +

    We at DGC Entertainment can help you navigate the often difficult waters of lease and legal issues including landlord/tenant issues, permitting, health/fire/building and safety related legalities, and liquor license legislation compliance and licensee issue consultation.
  • Location scouting and demographic consultation +

    DGC Entertainment are experts in scouting real estate locations. Through solid real estate experience, geographic and demographic analytics, we can help you find the perfect home for your business.
  • Crisis management – all aspects +

    If you find yourself in difficulties, broad or narrow, we can break down all your issues and pin point a focus to resolve your crisis. We will come in and assess the problem, whether it is an issue with staffing, licensing, financial, leases, inventory and theft, concept, marketing, sales, or whatever your challenges may be, and enable you to take immediate measures to get your business back on the right track.
  • Event management and production +

    From catering to producing, DGC Entertainment has been involved in events ranging from 100 to 100,000 guests and festival attendees. In addition to owning several of our own event brands, DGC Entertainment executes and operates concession contracts and produces and manages the full scope of any event.
  • Investor and partner strategy and synergy +

    Integrity-rich relationship building is at the core of DGC Entertainment, and our top priority. Working parallel with our partners we define & develop the best in hospitality Industry programs - steeped in trust, honesty and respect.
  • Nightlife specialists +

    DGC Entertainment have an exceptional track record in high-volume nightclub entertainment venues. We are leaders in profitability and brand longevity within this business sector. If you have a nightclub location, and need assistance, we are the people to contact.
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Contact us for a meeting to discuss how we can help you!
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